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Grand Prix Tire Choice

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I compete in the District 37 Big 6 Grand Prix's. Riding a 2006 CRF 450R. I have been using Medium Terrain (Dunlop 956 and Maxis IT) Tires but looking for something that hooks-up better in the sandy conditions of many of the courses. The Twenty-nine Palms course was almost as soft as Glamis or Pismo in some sections. And looking from this video, My race this weekend Viewfinders GP in Ridgecrest also looks very soft. http://nickhamillracing.com/Videos/Viewfinders%20GP%2010-02-05.wmv

A Michelin S-12 is my choice so far, however the 100mph street sections thrown in the mix play havoc on the tire choice. I’m afraid that the Soft terrain tires (despite them having harder rubber compounds than hard terrain tires) will get shredded going that fast down the asphalt sections.

I was even looking into Pirellis New Sand Cross Tire, (AMA legal paddle looking tire) but after a Pirelli tec said it would likely shred in one race, decided agents that. Another option I’m looking at is the Pirellie MT44. Kind of a paddle shape but supposed to be a little tougher.

Any experience and help in this selection would be appreciated.

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