Here's my dilemma...

I bought a 2002 DRZ400E with the intention of dual sporting it. I have all of the parts and even passed an inspection, but there's a problem with the bike's paperwork and it isn't getting titled anytime soon. Should I stick with it or give up, buy a new Husky TE450 and part the DRZ out? I can get the Husky for $6,450. I'll need to pay tax when I title it, but that's the OTD price at the dealer. (He's about 1 1/2 hours away in another state).

Thanks for your input!

Since we're just sittin' 'round chattin', what's the paperwork problem?

Was it stolen? I say that because you say part out rather than sell it outright.

The Husky is a great choice, in a few months, KTM street legals will be here. I'm curious what the OTD price of an east coast 450 EXC will be.

I lost the Certificate of Origin and the Dealer is being a d!ck about getting another one (I've been waiting for almost two months). My other options are to get a Mechanic's lien or swap the frame... basically I'm tired of screwing around with it.

I went from a 2000 DRZ400E to a TE510 and couldn't be happier. Everything on the Husky is better IMO, suspension, power, brakes, etc... The DRZ was extremely reliable though, over 8000 trouble free miles, I now have over 4000 trouble free miles on my TE as well. If money is not an issue I say dump the DRZ and get the TE! :thumbsup:

1148, you're on your way Sharpie! It's almost as good as crack.

1148, you're on your way Sharpie! It's almost as good as crack.

Now whats with all the hate? I think you need to go back and look, it wasnt me that said anything about post counts. :thumbsup: Heres the link in case you forgot it http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=420286

And its 1151, not 1148! :lame:

That wasn't hate Sharpie, read it again. It was a tongue in cheek jab. What a newbie! Man, wait till you hit 2000. It's a real high.

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