I posted this in the Dual Sport forum, but I thought I'd check here, too.

Here's my dilemma...

I bought a 2002 DRZ400E with the intention of dual sporting it. I have all of the parts and even passed an inspection, but there's a problem with the bike's paperwork and it isn't getting titled anytime soon. Should I stick with it or give up, buy a new Husky TE450 and part the DRZ out? I can get the Husky for $6,450. I'll need to pay tax when I title it, but that's the OTD price at the dealer. (He's about 1 1/2 hours away in another state).

Thanks for your input!

Just go ahead and get the Husky... What other answer would you get in the Husky forum? I vaguely recall someone back east having trouble registering a bike purchased out of state - but my memory is not what it used to be... Maybe Arod2000 or someone else will post.

Why would you part out the drz instead of selling it? The paper work issue?

edit - yeah it is a great price, for the record what is the tax rate where you will register it?


I am no husky owner yet, but I do know this

If I could get a te450 otd for your price, I never even would be on the forums asking what to buy-I'd be done with it.

I purchased my '07 TE 510 in Bedford, PA (Bottones) and had no problem getting a plate and road title from Virginia DMV. The Cert. you get from the dealer states that the bike meets all regs for DOT compliance (or something like that). Either way, DMV did not bat an eye - actually the chic was young and cute (a rare sighting in DMV). Get the 450 and live happily ever after.


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