I am so stoked! I have been trying to locate a header & pipe for my bike for awhile now and no such luck for these old critters! But I just got off the phone and ordered my header & exhaust pipe & jets from XR's Only for my old 84 XL600R! I really cant wait to see how this bike will react to the better breathing!!!!! Now to if I could just find a Acerbis 5.5 Gallon Gas Tank For Honda XL 600R 83-87 I would be ever so happy!


Who at www.xrsonly.com did you talk to? I have been dealing with them on the phone for a while and have really come to like and respect their professionalism and advise!

I forgot to get his name!

Always get their name, that way you know who is responsible if there is a screw up, accountability!!!


Yes sir daddy! LOL!!!!

If that makes you LOL, go look at squatpukes avatar, but be careful dont poke it, its gonna blow!!!

Was you the one I was communicating with about Kamell at xrs only?

Yes that was unfortunately me. And he never replied to my e-mail so I contacted XR's direct.



Bill the guy works at xrs only from now on call the shipping dept. #. the one I gave the other night and just ask for him, I spoke with him yesterday my latest batch of parts are on the way, what would have been $400 I got for $300 with shipping, dont give up on him some times it takes a couple of days to respond .

Well hopefully he will answer my e-mail and see my order as well.



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