Turning the shock adjust rings.

Greetings fellows.

I am going to stiffen up the rear shock spring on my DR-Z 400S.

What is the best way to turn the rings on the top ?

I tried to use hammer and a straight piece of metal but the pins on the rings will look nasty if I will carry on doing that, besides it takes ages to adjust it that way.

plz comment.

Best regards


Try loosening them up with something like WD-40 (hope you have that stuff in iceland) before you whack em with your hammer method. It's the only way to adjust without removing the whole back end off your bike I believe. And yes it takes some time to adjust.

Edit: Make sure you loosen the top one first before adjusting the bottom one.

it also helps to have the bike on a stand or a jack to take some of the tension off, once you have the top ring loose, grab the spring and turn it, the collar on top of the spring will follow, reach in from the right or exhaust side of the bike

What bassman said.

It can be done very quickly, if you turn the spring with your hand, once you have freed up the top lock collar.


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