WD40: Junk or Legit?

Has anyone ever used Boeshields T-9 as a chain and part lubricant?

ill 2nd that!

Hmmm....loctite....super....LUBRICANT??? That is funny!

I think it is good for displacing the water after washing, so the chain does not get rusty. That is what WD stands for- Water Displacing. I have never heard that it has any long term lubricating qualities or that it hurts the rubber o-rings.

Chain Wax on dirt and all surfaces other than sand, when I go to the dunes I use WD-40 or liquid wrench stuff (non flammable). I have been told the wax and chain stuff is not good for the sand cause it causes the sand to stick to the chain which tears the chain and sprockets up real fast.

I vote WD for cleaning or a quick lube. For long term I use RK chain oil or just engine oil ....coat the chain wipe with rag ....good-to-go ...leaves no mess.

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