Front break does mileage

I have a stock brake system with a braking 320 rotor on my SM converted S. EBC red pads. The front brakes suck compared to my friends YZF. Is high effort at the lever with a spongy feel because the line is a POS and the master cylinder is sized wrong or is there something wrong with my brakes?

Also, I get about 30 mpg with an FCR, full system, E cams, and gaskets. Granted I ride hard much of the time and most of it is spent in city driving, ie pretty agressive but 30 still seems low to me.


Sounds like air in the line,not for sure though,do you have a stainless steel brake line or stock?

I found that when I put my Russell front steel braided line on, braking improved a 100%. :thumbsup:

What Broke? :thumbsup:

What Broke? :thumbsup:

I wish I knew! It almost seems like the pads are bad. The bike sits outside so I have no idea if tons of water from rain on the pads would ruin them.

It really feels like there is no friction between the pads and rotor. It is bled very well and the lever is firm, but you have to pull it so hard to get the bike to stop.

I have a stock line which is rather long so maybe an aftermarket line will help. I have a radial master cylinder waiting to be installed but it is just too hard to stop riding the bike while the weather is still good!

Sounds like the rotor and pads are glazed. You need to sand them to break the glaze......I'm sure that will fix it :thumbsup:

get braking usa pads then the ss line.

EBC red pads.

I tried them once, took me about 50 miles to decide they were just like all

the other EBC pads I have ever tried. :lame:



EBC sucks. IMHO.Wasted a drum on my old CR500.I will never use one of their products again.

DRUM ? :thumbsup:

What Broke? :lame:

Well, duh, its right in the title... seems there was a break in the FRONT. :thumbsup:

What is the bike doing sitting outside? You can't buy a $20 cover for your several thousand dollar bike? My stock front brakes will throw you over the handlebars if you are not careful. There is something wrong with your setup.

DRUM ? :lame:

Brake drum, rear :p

Neil. :thumbsup::bonk::eek:

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