radiator gards for 426

I have just found out the replacement cost of a radiator if I have the misfortune of tangling 1 up with a tree. To my surprise as I go riding no one considers using the guard as most are un aware of the cost of replacing a radiator. I guess my question is does anyone use them and are they strong enough to protect the radiator from most unfortunate circumstances. after all I am not to keen in pushing or getting towed back to base camp.

426 01

Devol probably makes the beefiest guards that I've seen. We have them on both YZF's. Its a "must have" for trail riding.

they do look as if they can handle a fair bash, thanks for the advice :thumbsup:

I had the works braces and I wouldn't use them ever again. Compared to Devol, the works are a piece of tin foil. If you really want a set of Works braces, I'll sell you mine for cheap.

Devol is the way to go. They can tak a lot of abuse and definitely will save the radiators.

I had WC braces on my 00 and they were great- they took a couple of nasty hits and kept my rads safe. I would highly recommend them.

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