Ocotillo Wells Poker Run?

My cousin just asked me if I wanted to go to a poker run at Ocotillo Wells at the end of october. He wasn't 100% sure of the date. Oct 28-29? :thumbsup: . Does anybody have any info on this event? We usually go to the poker run at slash-x the last weekend of october but this year I might have a change of plans. :lame:

Los Pretots sponsors the event. You can get more information at www.lospretors.org. On Sat. 10/28/06 is the Spook Run, begins at 7pm. On Sunday 10/29/06 is the poker run, begins at 9am.

about two weeks to go here untill official season. :thumbsup:

cut us red stickers lose. :lame:

THIS IS AN AWESOME EVENT. You really should try it. I went two years ago and had a blast! Riding at night is great. It's kind of crazy since there are more trucks than bikes but still worth while. I ended up getting lost (followed a buggy off the course) but eventually found my way to the bar around 10pm. FUN stuff.

Thanks for the info fellow riders. :thumbsup: I don't have a headlight so the spook run looks like it is out of the question. I am not sure if I want to ride the poker run on sunday then have to drive home. I may just go and :lame: without participating in the events.

The link doesn't work, and a google search of "lospretors" comes up with nothing.............

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