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I was in Vegas over the weekend and bought a couple mags to read by the pool. Mens Journal was one of them. Inside, in addition to the Jesse James article, was an article trashing Congressman Richard Pombo from central CA.

The troubling part is the magazine has articles on Mountain biking and 4 or 5 advertisements for offroad motorcycle tours and other motorized recreation in the back of the pages. The enviro wackos and yes, they're cuckoo, want an end to all mechanized recreation as well as horseback riding in recreation areas.

I've written a letter to the editor letting him know his contributing writers may not have the interests of the readership in mind. Nor do I think a magazine that dares call itself the Mens Journal should cater to the ******* in the Sierra Club. At least a balanced article should have been written. Calling Congressman Pombo an "Eco Terrorist" was inaccurate and misleading. With all the real terrorism being propogated on the local and international scene, using the word "terrorism" was simple sensationalism.


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