Piston and Crank

:thumbsup: Hey all, i currently have the kitaco 88cc light bore up kit, iv fitted an 18mm carb, irc and exhaust but its still quite slow, it seems to keep up with chink 110-120's easly but i still feel its slow, im pretty skint right now so cant afford a superhead or even an r-stage so i was thinking of putting a high comp piston in ther and i also have a taky cam that iv not fitted, anyone recomed a good piston or even any advice, what about stroking my engine also since the cranks are quite cheap, but i heard that if i did the clutch will take a beating with the irc, again any advice and recomedation

Before you spend your money, put in the Tak cam and see what it does.

that cam is going to make a big difference, why didnt you put it in already?

dont bother with a crank until you get a head, you would have no topend, just heaps of tourqe.

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