Honda tlr200 reflex "Mystery Hole??"

Hello All,

I just bought a 1986 Honda Reflex and when I pulled off the cover over the front sprocket, I noticed the previous owner crammed a rubber plug in a 1/2 inch hole just above and left of the sprocket cast into the engine casing. HELP!

What is this hole for?

There are no threads in the hole, and oil ran out when I pulled the rubber plug out. What is missing? Thanks for your help.


That sounds like the hole for the neutral switch similar to my TL125. It is a plastic plug with an o-ring, possibly a spacer between it and the sprocket cover and a connector for the neutral indicator wire. Probably still available from Honda as many parts cross between similar sized engines.

Tlrider Thanks,

I was afraid I wouldn't get a response. You are probably right. The neutral indicator does not work. I was thinking about tapping the hole and plugging it. Any problem with doing that. I have had a hard time getting parts for it and don't want to put much into a bike that has been abused so much.


There should be no problem tapping it as long as you recover all of the metal shavings after your done. Grease on the tap helps alot in the recovery of small bits.

Good Tip...Thanks

Just make sure when you screw in the plug it doesnt go in too far. As it might rub against the inner gears or shift drum. If i remember correctly , there is a small copper contact point on the shifter drum inside the cases. So normally when its in the neutral position , it would touch the neutral switch that would have been there.

You probably have a loose or cut of wire near the sprocket that would have gone to the switch, and lit up the neutral light.

Check the diameter and see if you can find a freeze plug from NAPA or somewhere close in size that you could tap in there. ANother alternative, one which we have done when we've removed kickstarters, cut a sheet metal plug that you can tap into the hole for a tight fit and then just epoxy over that. Have never had one done like that leak or come out.

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