Need quick opinion / 06 230 Jetting/again.

ok.. Stock 06 CRF230, NEW condition, about 2 hours on motor. I dropped in 45PJ, 120 Main, 06 has only 2 grooves on needle so I placed a washer under clip on 2nd groove (washer is VERY thin, thickness of one of the grooves) Bike runs out good, no sputtering, good throttle response, BUT when it's cold it still is difficult to start & has a hanging idle until it's really warmed up.. I estimate the fuel screw is turned about 1 or 1 & 1/4 turns out. From the factory it's 3/4 or so out and I gave it about 1/2 turn.


Is the opinion here to turn the fuel screw out more (richer) :thumbsup:

Or turn the Fuel screw in more (leaner) :lame:

Or put the stock jets in and forget it.. :p

My main purpose here is not even better performance, although it has improved dramatically, but I simply want the bike to start easier when it's cold, so far it's needed bump starting & I have to play with idle knob until it's fully warm.

Note: baffle is removed & airbox opened up per/tt recomendations....


Try to open the fuel screw a bit more but do not exceed 3 full turns out. If that isn't enough to suit your tastes, try a 48 pilot jet. I have found it necessary to install a 48 pilot in a number of 230's. While this may help, there are other factors involved that influence how the engine runs when first started and when cold. The cam profile is one of them.

If you jet the carburetor so that the engine starts and idles perfectly when cold, by the time it warms up it will be WAY TOO RICH to run optimally. When the carb is jetted optimally, there will still be some cold blooded symptoms. Thats normal. But when it's right, it won't be nearly as severe as stock.

You may need to add another washer under the clip too for improved throttle response. Keep testing, you'll get it right.

Good luck and ride safely.

Ya, I'm not looking for it to be ready to ride when it's first started, it's just that it doesn't seem to want to start at all when it's cold, other than bump starting.... I have been bump starting the bike when it sits for 1 night. I may have a weak battery that's just not turning it fast enough, although it seems to crank and crank, it doesn't sound like it gets weak or is going down.. once it starts it's not that bad, it's just that you have to fiddle with it too much in my opinion until fully warm...

2 turns is about right, turn it in all the way and then count the turns out.

i just got my power up kit in. are the kits different from an 05 model to an 06.

You are using the choke, aren't you?

Lever all the way up for cold, middle for cool/warm, down for hot?

Try a larger pilot jet

Your issue sounds alot like what the 650L guy's go through until they mod the carb to a richer level--they also de-snorkle(physically open-up the top of the air box)etc,etc,etc.One thing I've noticed though with the 650L--even when the mods are complete--when the engine is cold:go through your normal cold engine choke procedure but,start the bike in the up-right(as if your riding it)position with the kickstand up.I can't explain why this works but it does!.Good luck.

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