New Sheriff in town!

Here ya go...


That's the new 2008 Kawasaki KFX450R (with a little "choppin" of course).

Motor is based off the new 2007 KXF450 motor :thumbsup:

looks photoshopped

so did kawi finally come out with their 450 quad or what?

dont be so ambiguous!

looks almost like a raptor. i like it

hah. The cops need that becasue all the brothers saw the old DMX video and they went out thatought it would be cool to roll around the hoods on their atv's

looks photoshopped

I agree...but it also looks like it's at a new bike show/convention and they always have crazy stuff like that at those things.

for a second, I thought you put a typo when you said "kfx" and not kxf

but yeah, it looks pretty nice.

I said it was "chopped" :lame:...I did that to make it look like a police quad...but it is the real deal


for a second, I thought you put a typo when you said "kfx" and not kxf--was suprised to see they made a quad

but yeah, it looks pretty nice.

although!!! it is phtot shop---look at the image of the 2006 yzf450 on google...too similar.

no it's def. photoshoped - but sik

Not only is it photoshopped, it's a bad photoshop job.

You guys don't get it do you? :thumbsup:

I said it was chopped (meaning photoshopped) in the very first post.

Look at the link in my 2nd post for the REAL shots. LMAO

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