Loose Nuts ?....

Hopefully the heading caught your attention.......

Recently I bought an '06 WR250....totally awesome machine......quick in the trails and great at the track.... anyways,..... after a 5 hour ride of gnarly technical terrain (ie. hydro lines) one day, and a 3 hour session at a motocross track the next, I found out that I was missing a couple of nuts/bolts from the rear subframe. The ones that hold onto the side number plates.

I know things do get loose from time to time, but has anybody else come across other areas of concern ?...

Thanks for your replies in advance....

Stop around and I will give you some bolts.

From the title of your post I was assuming you were talking about your Husqvarna. -:thumbsup: I have an '06 WR/CR250 and I lost one of the bolts on my rear fender during a 1.5 hour GP race and my side panel bolts have come loose. No harm no foul, but it looks like it is time for some lock-tite.


'06 WR/CR250

'04 CR125 (Husqvarna)

Who ever put it together didn't do it right however, nuts tend to work loose if not checked now and then. If put on correctly, they shouldn't come loose.

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