You know that chug-a lug-a feeling....

I can't find what's the deal with my 04 650...

I have tried every combination with my carb possibleexcept back to stock or plugging up the huge hole I made in the top of the air boxI have tried the 150 jet 4th clip -everyposition between3/4- 2 3/4 turns out, 3 1/2 clip;155 jet 4th clip/ 3.5 clip .75 turns - 2.75 turns :bonk:

I even went on a vacuum joy :worthy:

Am now running with 155, 4th clip,1.25 turns,K/N with prefilter,full cannisterectomy...awesome power without the mini load up after idle :lame:

But I feel like I have parkensons or alzheimers or something in cruise position, 0-1/4 awesome grunt, wide open it's "hold my beer n' watch this!" awesome but don't back off too fast or you get the chug-a lug-a


I assume you drilled the second hole in the slide?

Float sticking?

yes I drilled the hole in the slide, Sorry I should of said that...

It can't be the float cuz I live oa a patch of I-10 where I can open er up and it never starves wide open....

But it is worth a look I guess, Boy I bet I could win a race in removing the covers, seat, tank,& carb :thumbsup:



I had the same problem with my 06 with stage 2 dynojet,Full Staintune Exhaust,drilled slide, airbox mod,170 main jet but against all logic i went to the needle on the 5th clip and problem fixed.Sit at the lights for a couple of minutes and it did not want to go without a couple of blips of the throttle. now on the 5th clip Fannntasticcc!

Aussie :thumbsup:

Now that I havn't tried! thanks!

What's your elevation? You gotta pipe on that thing as well? I'm at sea level with a DJ 165, 4th clip and 1.5 turns out, runs like a demon. Because jet changes only take 3 mins, I put a 155 in last weekend as an experiment - lots of surging in the mid range i.e lean. Back with the 165, all fixed so I guess I've got my setup right, but really only a dyno run would confirm this definitively. Are you sure you don't have some assembly issue with the carb? Worth double checking especially where the choke plunger enters the carb, very delicate. Good luck.

Boy I bet I could win a race in removing the covers, seat, tank,& carb :thumbsup:


FYI- you don't have to take the seat and tank off to do carb work. Just loosen the clamps on the boots and out she comes (getting it in takes a little finnagling but it can be done). If you are careful you don't even need to mess with the choke or the throttle cables.

Check your float height just for kicks...if the level is too high it will draw fuel into the main....

Too weird! :lame:

Well I went with bob on this one and stripped off everything, (just for inspection) got to the carb and decided to go larger with the jet so I installed the 160 (I am at sea level err.85ft.) too see, and got a nice boost in all ranges even saw 112mph. for the first time (stock gearing) as fast as I twisted the throttle -I was there WOW!

But as soon as I got in opp. temp. once again chug-a lug-a in half throttle (60 ish in top gear) any gear it will happen....

I am beginning to think it's due to the header weld removal.....

Today I will try the 5th clip on the needle and if that don't work my only other optionwill be the last jet in the kit (170)....

Wish me luck!

P.S. I have a Two Bros pipe on the way... :thumbsup:

Clip 3 on the needle? Really mundane, normal jetting should get you where you need to go if there aren't other problems. At sea level a 150 Mikuni (Dynojet 160?)is as normal as you can go. Maybe a size or two bigger with the airbox hogged out.

chug-a lug-a feeling is from too lean. I recently did the Dyno Jet, a Supertrapp, a K&N, Airbox, and slide drill on my 06 DR 650.

So I have tried almost everything with this bike trying to tune it. Basicaly the Supertrapp is loud and is not ideal for the DR650, I think I will maybe get a Can for a GSXR 750 or something and use that instead.......

At anyrate I had the "chug-a lug" going through most of my ordeal. I drilled out my stock Jet to a 165 with the stock needle this was after the Dynojet kit wasnt working on the 4th step, so I gave up on it. That actually worked good with minimal Chug alug.

My current setup:

Stock Exaust

K&N with top of Airbox open

170 Dynojet needle at 3rd position from bottom

Slide drilled

And no more chug a lug, at 160 Dynojet I had major chug alug with this setup. Im going to drill out one of my smaller 150 Dyno Jets to what a 180 would be when I get my new can for my Supertrapp pipe and see how that goes.

I did some experimenting and came to the conclusion that it had something to do with the way the air enters the airbox once it is modified. It created a surging like what happens when you open only car window.

To see if this is your problem, try running the bike with the side cover off the air box. If the problem goes away, then it might be the air flow problem I described. Then you can put the side cover back on and use some duct tape to experiment with redirecting how the air enters the airbox. I got some success by blocking the engine side on top of the airbox.


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