I'm looking into a 1993 Saab 9000CSE Turbo as an around town driver, since the pickup don't get great mileage. It's in good condit per the pics, except for a dent in the front passenger door, and it doesn't idle. I guess Saab's are notorious for not idling if the oil fill cap on the valve cover is loose. Anything to be wary about? I'll test drive it first, but who knows.

friends don't let friends drive saabs!!!!

If it is a Saab be weary of everything. How much is the car? I would be willing to bet for equal money you could get a much better option in a Honda/Toyota of some kind.

It's $400

It's $400

I laughed... at that

It's $400

OK, so its a beater. First, check with your local parts stores on price and availability on consumables like brakes, filters, and belts.

You may find that this car costs a lot to maintain, and you may have to wait 2-3 days for parts that may be on the shelf for more common cars.

True. Even so, for only $400, I'll at least go check it out.

How much $ is a $400 car actually going to save you? That's $400 in gas that could have gone into the truck, not to mention the added $ for license and insurance. How long will a $400 car go before you need to put some money into it? Might be cheaper to drive the truck? :thumbsup:

If there is a way to check service records on the turbo that is what I would look at. otherwise get a good set of snow tires (hakapalita's) make sure the heater works and have fun...even if you only get a year or, so you can always part it out to recouop the 400.00

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