RE: Baja Designs, is it JUNK????

Hey guys, I bought the Baja-Designs Dual Sport kit for my bike because my buddy had one and i read lots of people here had them. I have since been very disapointed with their product, not their service....

First my signal flasher failed, got a new one under warranty

Then my liscence plate fell off with 1/2 the aluminum bracket, they sent a new one which i beefed up.

Then my high beam light (and indicator) went out, a bad switch, they while waiting for my new switch to arrive (UPS lost it) the low beam failed, then my signal lights and tailights all started to crap out, Finally changed the switch and everything came back to normal again, (no blown bulbs)

Finally the other day I lost my high beam light (and indicator) AGAIN, Im so upset. I called BD again and they charged me for this one but said when i send back the old one they would debit my credit card (I hope).

My question is has anyone else gone through so many Dimmer/multifunction switches? What could my problem be? I have never blew any light bulbs, Voltage is good while off and charging is fine. All wiring ok, never blew any fuses. What could it be???? My warranty will be finished with them now as I have my bike parked for the winter (i live far north) and can't buy $70.00 switches every month or less, any ideas????

BTW all this is in 2000km of driving on my first season with my bike, bought her back in may this year

I tell ya bradda I didn't want to hear that, I just put one of their kits on a month ago. So far all I noticed is the battery doesn't last very long and doesn't seem to want to take a full charge but I got the kit on ebay for $250 so I can't warranty it.

did you do the stator mod? mine went dead also untill i used their voltage regulator and done the mod, good deal though......

I paid $50 with shipping for their plate holder. It broke in Moab in the middle of nowhere after the 2nd fall. I didn't notice until I was back @ the campground. Took me about an hour and a half in the dark to find my plate. :thumbsup: It looked good up until then. Maybe I just shouldn't fall.

BD's design for the WR sucks....everyone I've heard of that has one is unhappy, mostly for the same reasons...after 2 years of hearing the crying, I wouldn't recommend them to anyone!

I like their plastic dropdown license plate tail-light, its for the YZ fender, but looks good. I first had the aluminum bracket, and it broke twice too. Sorry, thats all i have from them.

Yes, that looks way beefier then the flimsy BD aluminum one...

About 2 days after I had the kit installed the low beam part of the switch failed, the wire shorted out in the switch. I have a new one, and so far everything is working ok. My kit for the 06 did not come with an aluminum plate bracket, just a plastic plate back that screws onto the tail light fender that screws into the YZ fender. It seems like it will work out ok. I am hoping that I dont have any more problems.

Trick Dual Sport is the kit to get. You can use your stock headlight and tail light. The kit is bullet proof.

did you do the stator mod? mine went dead also untill i used their voltage regulator and done the mod, good deal though......

I was told the 02 didn't require the stator mod :thumbsup:

My BD kit has worked great for 2 years I did drill 6 or 8 1" holes in the license plate mount in an attempt to make it lighter where the licence plate bolts on so far no trouble. I think a lot of their components come from China (low bid) and maybe the more recent batches are having problems. No matter which horn you get from them it only lasts a short while.

Well (knock on wood) my horn is still working fine.

Hey Mountain Max I was wondering how your kit was lasting! This is an old conversation between Us. Not impressed either with this kit! I try not to squirt the hose around the main switch. I had to modify mine so the Hi-Lo switch would work. I've had all the same issues. BD needs work!

I have a BD dual-sport kit and I have to say the quality of the switches is marginal at best :thumbsup: . Mine stops working occasionally but I found it is due to the fact that the contacts get packed with dust - I simply take it apart and clean it and the problem goes away. But the fact that BD chose a non-sealed switch for this type of application is ridiculous - for the amount of money they charge you should get something that doesn't require this type of nuisance maintenance.

i think they're stuff is overpriced. and the quality of the gear doesn't warrant those kinds of prices. and their communication isn't that hot. they don't tell you when something is backordered. they just take the order and hope they can ship it out before you eventually call and say &%$#@!?

Here's a pic of the Baja Designs dropdown on my WR450.


I was told the 02 didn't require the stator mod :thumbsup:

It doesn't, only the 03s and newer...

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