factory bike pick

If you could have any factory riders bike who's would you choose? I'de take Ivan tedesco's.

pro curcuit monster bikes. Those bikes are NICE!!! :thumbsup:

#4 or #7 they spend a fortune on those bikes.

#13's, o yea!

I would take Andrew Shorts bike. Those Honda's are pimp.

Chad Reeds 05 Supercross YZ250

Andrew Shorts bike amazing bike.

Chad Reeds 05 Supercross YZ250

you stole the words right out of my mouth! mc's 06 cr250 would be a fun ride too. if i were to choose a 4 banger, id go with kdubs bike

Another Kdub vote.

I would hafe too say RC's bike.

factory 4-strokes have to be the most unreliable things ever... whats the point in getting a factory bike only to have it break on the 2nd ride?

Id get one of the 05 factory supercross 2-strokes :thumbsup:

Another vote for Reed's 05 SX YZ250

I'd like to have two. The first would be Honda'sA Team Baja race bike and the second would be either Juha or Knighter's 250XC KTM

If I wanted a two smoke I would take bubba's 05 national bike.

KDUB :thumbsup:

another vote for reeds 05 yz250


or reeds yz

Evert's 450 or Knights 300.

Pro_circuit KX250F, with a private professonal mechanic to maintain it

Josh Hill's yz250f. :thumbsup:

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