New member here, sold the CR and got a CRF, have a valve questoin

Proud new owner of a CRF, anyway, I tried searching for this info but the search isn't working. My intake valves will need to be changed soon, do the new valves normally only need to be lapped? Thanks

its best to have the seats re-cut. lapping them really doesn't do anything in all reality. i've done hundreds of valve jobs and i at the VERY least will touch up the seats with a stone to make sure they are perfectly round.

Don't lap the titanium intake valves. It will ruin them.

I would get a new '06 head before I spent the money on refurbishing the old head. The new head only costs $209 and all the new stock valvetrain parts drop in with zero machine work.

How do you know your valves will need to be changed soon? Have they gone to zero clerance recently? I would wait for that to happen first.

But anyway yeah your gonna have to have your seats re-cut and if you use the stock valves only lap the exhaust side. The intakes are titanium coated and this will ruin them.

Or just buy a new head then lap the exhaust.

I just installed a new 2006 head (like camp said $209 at service honda) Replacement set of ferrea valves (ebay $249 with springs/retainers) and slapped it back on, works great :thumbsup:

I did have to buy new head gasket and valve stem seals also. But with the new head (factory installed valve guides and factory cut seats) less to worry about.

the 06 head performs better? I was going to go with stainless intakes, from what I've been reading they won't cup as easily. No clearance when I bought the bike. If I lap them and it shows perfect contact, good is good isn't it? Does the cuppping of the valves always wear the seats enough to need a grind? Does a valve grind cost close to what an 06 head does?

thanks for the info

Does a valve grind cost close to what an 06 head does?

thanks for the info

If the valves are shot, then so are the seats.

By the time you install new valve guides and grind the seats, you will have spent enough to buy a new head. You are better off selling the old head on ebay and buying all new parts. This will also save a lot of time because all the good machinists are busy and have a large backlog of work.

06 head it is, what's the design advantage of the 06 head? more power? bugs worked out of it?

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