03 and 04 clutch the same?

I have an 03 450 and whenever I ride it while its hot the clutch is really wierd and unlike anything Ive ever felt. It engages really bad. Its either engaged or not engaged and whenever it does it makes a wierd urrrrrt sound. Im kind of wondering if the clutch is even getting oil. Doesnt smell wierd since it probably would if it didnt get oil. I took it apart awhile ago and everything looked good to me and my brother so I put it back together and did a short test ride and it was fine. I rode it a long ride again and it started doing it again.

So I guess I am going to buy new plates for it and see what it does. And new springs. I want all of the plates. The friction plate ones and the steel ones. That is my only option I guess.

What I need to know then does the 2003 and 2004 yzf's have the same clutch. The guy that owned it sayed the guy that owned it before him (his friend who is in Iraq I can't talk to) put an 04 clutch in it but Im not sure. Do I need to find out? Take it to a shop?


Go to yamaha.com and look up there parts catalog. You can compare OEM part numbers from 03 to 04 and see if there the same.

You said the clutch parts looked good...how do you know? Your plates could be warped by as little as .005 inchs or your fiber discs could be under spec....

There were some problems with the '03 clutch. The easiest solution is to upgrade to the '04 and later plates. Tdub

We have discussed this before...XR250

buy the GYTR Clutch kit 100.00. it is for the 03/04. It comes with all the plates and a new actuater arm. (It replaces the stock 03 clutch with updated components) Also buy the 03 spring kit 17.00.

Hinson or GYTR Baskets, hubs and pressureplates are very good. and cost $$$

Hinson - 999.00

What oil are you using? This also has a tremendous impact on the clutch.

Pro Honda 20w-50 synthetic w/o moly. Dont know what was in it when I bought it but I changed it. And the filter.

I just ordered the GYT-R kit for mine. Dealer said they were a problem back in '03. I was told this will fix it.

He also told me to make sure to install the new actuator arm. It's longer with a different bend. Will make the clutch alot eaiser to pull. You won't get popeye arms :thumbsup:

Honda, because their CRF's have transmissions isolated from the engines, market two different lines of oil. Their engine oil for CRF's is a JASO MB oil, and should NOT be used in a wet clutch application. JASO MA is certified compatible with wet clutch systems, and oils that carry that grade are reasonably certain to work right.

The '03 clutch chattered, grabbed, and dragged badly at times. The '04 clutch used revised plates, although the part number did not change. If you buy OEM plates for the '03, you'll get the new ones. The '04 actuator arm was different, and is like the one included in the GYT-R kit.

I very highly recommend the GYT-R kit for your particular issue. It also includes the bellville boss spring used in the '01 426 clutch to further smooth the engagement, and the arm will lower the clutch effort. Combine this with a Hinson or GYT-R basket, if yours is worn, and a Hinson or GYT-R pressure plate, and you'll have nearly the best clutch you can put into it.

Thanks that was more than enough info grayracer :thumbsup:

Thanks that was more than enough info grayracer :thumbsup: I bought a gytr clutch last friday but I wont be buying a new basket or pressure plate hopefully :lame:

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