Ordering from Chaparral

Due to the poor service and communication I have received from these "folks", I felt I should share my experience with other TT'ers so that they don't have to go through the same fiasco. I placed my initial first order about a month ago. When I got the order, it was short a part. I ordered 4 parts, and apparently whoever works the warehouse, couldn't handle such a daunting task. Hmmm...25% failure rate.

Just so happens it was a new taillight I needed to be able to ride on the street again that weekend legally with some buddies. I called "customer service" and was told that the part would ship out immediately and that I should receive it quickly since I am local in socal. One day goes by...nothing. Two days go by...nothing. I call again and nobody answers the "customer service" line.

So now I am screwed cuz the weekend is here and I still don't have a tailight for my DRZ. Monday rolls around and I call again...where is my part? Reply: "we credited the amount to your cc card". Response: Who decided that and when was somebody going to advise me of that? Reply: "I'm sorry nobody told you about it." BULLSHIT. I order another taillight from somebody else and have it in two days.

So I finally get around to putting in the BG rev box the next week from the original order. Hmmm...rev box is DOA. 50% failure rate now. I call the ever so responsive "customer service" department again.

I was assured that a new rev box would be sent out immediately and that they would send a call tag for the defective one. One day, two days, three days...you get the idea. A week goes by and I call again. "Where is my replacement part and the call tag?" Reply: Oh, the BG rev boxes are on backorder". Response: When was somebody going to communicate that to me?" Reply: I'm sorry rep XXXXX did not tell you that." Response: "Cancel the order, credit me and send me the call tag for the DOA rev box. I've already got another one somewhere else".

Greeted again by this unacceptable incompetence, I asked to speak to the manager/owner etc. and was told by the "customer service" person that she was the manager and there was no one else "above" her to speak with. BULLSHIT. There is ZERO communication and accountability with this organization. Their service and attitude in general sucks. They pass the buck and mislead you. I will never purchase even so much as a bolt from them ever again. :thumbsup:

thats bullshit... i had a similiar experience with RMC

That's not the first time someone on here has had poor service from them. I notice a trend!

Just wondering if you live close to them why don't you just go down there??? I live like 30 minutes away from there and they have pretty much everything you need there. Not trying to sound sarcastic or rude, but I am just wondering.

Thats why you always go to the place and never order on line from them. Nothing but Retards work the(no offense).

That's not the first time someone on here has had poor service from them. I notice a trend!

ya theres plenty of anti chaparral threads...those ppl are spodes

I always buy my bikes there. They give great deals and have all the gear I would ever need.. At good prices too. I haven't bought a lot of replacement parts because its a long drive. I think they rock.

I always buy my bikes there. They give great deals and have all the gear I would ever need.. At good prices too. I haven't bought a lot of replacement parts because its a long drive. I think they rock.

Me too, but I guess they only rock if you actually go the store. I have never odered anything from them, and never will. Luckily I live so close to them, and they have everything you need there. I will agree that some of the people that work there are spodes and don't help you. But that is why I go in there knowing what I want, and won't stop looking until I find it. I have also tried calling them, which they weren't any help. I just needed to know how much it would cost for them to get a front rim and lace it up for me, and they kept on transferring my all over the place. I finally hung up after the 4th transfer, it was total BS. But if you ever go to the store it is totally different, because they pretty much have everything there.

I ordered about $300 worth of stuff from them not too long ago online. Got everything I ordered, as I ordered it within a week.

understood. however, san berdoo is too far of a drive from oc. traffic is horrendous, gas is too expensive and i've got too many other things to attend to that require my time.

lmao I ordered a pair of mx pants from there a long time ago and they left the ink tag on :thumbsup:

Years ago they were just a small motorcycle shop in San Bernardino. When they move into their large facility it seemed like they lost their small town feel and personal touch, somehow losing what made them so great.. I had one bad mail order problem that they had a hard time correcting, that's all it took. I'm done with them... If I were to go mail order I would for sure give the fine folks at TT my business.. For now my local dealer does a bang up job and beats Chaparrals prices...

I've ordered a few times from chaparral. I knoticed the shipping to be on the slow side but other then that I've not had anyproblems whhat so ever..

Thanks for the heads up but theres possibitly your anger has out wayed the actual situation. People make mistakes and when you blow up on them for doing that mistake they are just gonna shrug you off..

Good luck with further purchases elsewhere..

On a side not I re-read what I just typed and I sound like a represenative for them. I assure you I am not, just offering my postive feed back.

You always buy your bikes there? Whats your favorite part? The high prices or the rude way they treat people.

Chaparral is the worst!!


TT or Rocky Mt. get my business now.


When I lived in Long Beach I drove out there to get my wife all her gear since they do have a lot of merchandise. Spent $600 on gear and also bought 3 jets, which they gave me the wrong ones even after assuring me they were correct. After getting home and determining they were wrong I called and asked how to handle the refund cause I fure wasn't driving to that hell hole again. They said ship them and they'll credit my card back. I mailed them with delivery confirmation, they signed and then claimed they never received them and no credit.

I got the same response when asking for a manager: "I'm the manager and there's nothing I can do for you". Well Chaparral there's something I CAN do for you..... advise anyone and everyone what a shady dealership you are. Hope I cost you thousands for $10 worth of jets.

I know that if we ever botch an order, shipping the wrong jets, we ship the correct ones, apologize and tell the customer to give the incorrect jets to someone that can use them. It's not worth the customer's time, nor the dealer's cost to get back jets.

From what I can tell Chap is a good walk in shop that pretends to be good at mail-order. :thumbsup:

Chaparral's Mail order is great. Better than I have experienced with TT.

This is two threads I see you bashing the TT shop. Why don't you post up your experince or are you just FOS??

Chaparral's Mail order is great. Better than I have experienced with TT.

What's it matter? The thread will just get closed like the last time

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