...i am looking for a yz125 or rm125, preferably 05 or newer around the chicago area. i will travel if need be, but not tooooo far!

check ebay

thanks for those words of wisdom! :thumbsup::lame:

lol i try my hardest :thumbsup:

lol i try my hardest :thumbsup:

dont give up the day job.

dont give up the day job.

I did. :thumbsup:

i got an 04 yz250f for 2000

I did. :thumbsup:

What are you doing now? Just riding for a living? :p:lame:

I have several bikes for sale if interested. You can choose from:

2003 YZ450F

1981 YZ250G

1977 IT250D

All of my bikes are awesome machines that recieve works like attention.

Check my garage.

There was a thread down lower that had a 2003 RM125 for $1600 that looked like a nice bike (no idea what its like inside). Seems like a pretty good price. The 250F above is a good deal also.

Hey Bruce... there's a kid in Channahon (just north of Joliet's track) with two '05 YZ 125's for sale. One is stock for $3200, the other has a Junior Jackson modded motor/suspension for $5000. If you're interested, let me know, and I'll get you an email or phone number or whatever. You lookin for yourself or for a friend???

$3,200 for a stock 05 model? Can't you by new 125's for $4,000 nowadays?

$3,200 for a stock 05 model? Can't you by new 125's for $4,000 nowadays?

yep, new 06s yz125s are going for less than $3500.

thanks Nikki, but i will probably pass on both those bikes, its a buyers market right now.

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