Urgent!! Can I just dip clutch plates in oil or do I have to soak them for a few hour

Well, I am going riding tomorrow and my clutch finally came in. But I don't have time to soak my clutch plates over night, so will I just be able to dip them in oil real quick instead of them being soaked overnight in oil?

Yes. Soaking overnight in oil is overkill.

let them sit for 5-10 mins and u will be fine, soaking overnight is overkill and offers no benefits (this came on a slip of paper w/ my clutch plates)

I've always just soaked them in oil a few minutes in a ziplock back and installed them. Never any problems.

I'd change the oil after your first ride with the new clutch. They tend to dirty up the oil the first ride.

I have always been told to soak em for 10-20 min minimum

The last clutch pack I bought (Barnett) came with a slip of paper that said soaking for any more than 5 minutes had absolutely zero advantages.

Thanks you guys. I just got done putting in my new clutch and Cannon Racecraft springs and I let the plates sit in oil for 1 1/2 hours. But now I know that if I am in a rush another time I can just soak them for like 10 minutes instead of overnight like I thought you had to do. Thanks again.

Thats funny I just asked this question about 3 days ago and got smart ass answers, Im glad you got a real one.

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