Urgent!! Can I just dip clutch plates in oil or do I have to soak them for a few hour

Well, I am going riding tomorrow and my clutch finally came in. But I don't have time to soak my clutch plates over night, so will I just be able to dip them in oil real quick instead of them being soaked overnight in oil?

get as much soak time as you can. they should have been in oil as you were typing, and waiting for responses. do other crap to the bike that may need done while they soak. will it be 8hrs, no, but its better than nothing.

Depends on what kind you bought. What do the directions tell you ? Moose says you don"t even need to soak thiers.

the only downfall to not soaking them fully is they might grab to hard or even chatter a bit when you first install them. after a couple days of riding they should feel proper. another thing, they might wear quickly so I would just go easy on the bike the first little while. but like the last post said, some manufacturers don't even need soaking at all.

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