what to clean Filter with?

i got a stock filter on 03 crf 150.. it says to clean it with korcene.. ???? wow.. is there anything elsei can clean it with?

oil filter or air?

oil filter or air?

the air filter

I us PJ1 filter cleaner.

PJ1 spray cleaner and oil. You just spray on the cleaner and let it sit 10 min. and then rinse out with water. Let it dry out all the way(usually overnight) and spray on the oil and squeeze out the excess and your done it has a nice red dye to it so you can see if it is covered evenly.

i just rinse mine with water and soap, i know this prob. isnt the correct way but it works fine, and i just air dry it

then hit it with No-Toil when its dry.

well, I use no toil and bel-ray cleaners and oils most of the time. You can use gasoline on a stock air filter to clean it then ring it out and set it out to dry. Its not the greatest method but its doable. for oil I think the best and only good way to do it is with air filter oil, but if you're ghetto like the guys in Mexico (they seriously did this to my bike)you can just use motor oil, but thats not good. STICK WITH AIR FILTER OIL.

I highly recommend belray and no toil (no toil for dry weather and Belray if youre gonna get wet)


any filter cleaner at your local cycle shop will do i use uni filter oil and cleaner just spray it on and then wash it out with water let it dry completly and then oil it up and let sit for about 10 then recheck to make sure it is oiled inside and out. why the filter is out u may just want to get a hi-flow filter because they are usually easy to clean and oil. it is alos more durable than the stock one

so i just wash out the gas when im done right?

I use soap and water, let it dry and then spray it with air filter oil.

UNI offers a Foam Filter Service Kit that has the cleaner and the oil in convenient spray cans. About $10 at most motorcycle shops... You'll get 3 or 4 cleanings/oilings out of that kit, so it's a good deal.

Don't use gas, it can be too hardcore and eat at the glue, don't do that when your done. Thats the first thing you do, to remove the dust, once it is all out, sqeeze out the remaining kerosene, then get some sort of spray on air filter oil, give er' a good coat, rub it in with gloves on, then put her back in, remembering to clean the airbox of dust, and making a good seal on the airfilter seat, some even use a light coat of grease to seal it perfectly, i just put a generous amount of spray oil on the rim of the air filter. Thats how ya do it.

well, a big part is making sure that the filter is dry before every step (after you clean it, after putting on oil). but gas will work fine on a stock filter if you have nothing else. It sounds redneck but sometimes our standards are too high for the circumstances. If you dont have kerosene, if you cant get a cleaner, then use what you have. From what I understand you dont have kerosene or any cleaner or any air filter oil for that matter. just go to a local dealer and ask for air filter cleaner and oil and theyll give you two bottles/cans/containers,whatever.theyll say something like "thatll be $18.99" then you go home and you get your air filter done using some brand I never heard of and nothing will bad will happen to your bike. it wont explode, you wont float a valve, you wont suck in your seat through the airbox. buy the supplies, read the directions and do it. thats it. it doesnt matter, ask your dealer. we have our favorites for competitive reasons and unless you need the best because you need to beat so and so, it doesnt matter.

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