spark plug cap/metal circle that slips over the top of the plug...question

i am lost here but need some help.

i got sprak on the bike but the metal circle inside the rubber spark plug cap that slips over the top of the plug is not sliping onto the top of the plug like it should.

it should be like a little slip with the push your finger. its not. i looked inside and its all bitched up, not circular anymore, looks like somone took and hammer to get it on the plug. i am scared it will come off when riding or somthing.

anyway what the heck is the metal part of? is it attced to wires comming off the coil? or is it attched into the rubber spark plug cap? i have an extra oil for the bike but there is not one on the wires comming off the coil?

what should i do cuz a new coil is 65 bucks and a new cap is 20 bucks form honda....i just wanna put gas in it and ride. i am so close. i saw NGK makes new caps for like 10 bucks i think but i dont know if i only need the cap or the coil because they are 2 separate things

heres a pic of what i mean. at the bottem of the pic i drew what it looks like. wires and them metal comming off it i think?


you should just be able to buy the cap itself. it has a screw that get screwed onto the wire, then you can secure it with a zipty or safetywire.

thanks, i checked ebay and searched for coils and everyone i saw didnt have the cap with it. mine it a real bitch to get off, gonna have to hit up my buddy this week at a husky deal for a cap.

thanks again :thumbsup:

yeah, the 2stroke caps should be fairly universal, so just get the one thats cheapest from whatever parts are resonable for most of thier parts, but way too much for others. $20 is too much to pay for a plug cap...once i had to take one off of my lawn mower to ride with when the rubber ripped. cheap, and worked like a champ until the OEM came in the mail... :lame::thumbsup:

auto parts store maybe? if not ill make fiances dad, he has to have some extra ones. just pisses me off how you can get a circular peice of metal to look like it when thru grinding wheel. its just a slip on, how can you mess that up? ive come along way from a box full of bike parts, its just the little shit i dont get how you can mess up or loose. :thumbsup:

shoot, just wait till you launch a needle clip into the front yard and have to cough up $7.00 for a new one...i have done that more than a few times... :thumbsup:

never did that, i work on a cement garage floor so if somthing falls i got a 5foot area i can look and i find things. i never work in the yard, had buddy in 1995 trying to rebuild a 1980 CR80 and he was walking with a engine case full of gears and he tripped and out when all the gear. never did find them all.

i am super careful when build or work on a bike. now ive put somthing down on a table and forgot where it went before, that drives me nuts!

shoot, just wait till you launch a needle clip into the front yard and have to cough up $7.00 for a new one.
Yeah, that bites......
Yeah, that bites......

got me a nice little supply now. is amazing how far they can fly... :thumbsup:

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