Bithlo 9/29

I am thinking of heading up there for the night practice since I cant ride this weekend. Nothing solid yet but I'll most likely be there.

I'll be there.

I might be able to make it, that is if everything comes to plan!

Scott, how's the wrist? Did you get your tires installed?

The weather is looking great for tomorrow. Should be a good night for riding.

Ill be leaving work around 3:30 or so. See you guys there.

Scott If you come Ill do the double for yah. That should make it worth your while right ?

I have to do the double this time. Time to grow a set and quit wussing out. I should get there around 6.

Man gettin there at 6 sucks. Ill try and get our usuall and save some room between mine and my parents truck.

Ha ha ha, I didn't see this thread until this a.m. That's why I was surprised to see you guys out there. Anyways, it was great riding again. I'm feeling very good this morning, now I am starting to think about 2-morrow.

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