more problems!!! carb related. the choke does not stay choked

i pulled the choke out/up/open what ever ya wanna call it to test if it worked and it stayed up since mine is vertical. i tried the next day when it was installed on the bike and as soon as i pull it up it wants to snap back down.

i took it apart and everything looks good, it just will not stay up for some reason. anyone got any ideas. i am scared to buy a new choke assembly ( $50 from honda) because maybe its not that.

just pisses me off i like things to work right not half ass things on my bikes.

you may have overtightened it when you reinstalled it. loosen it up a little and try it again. if its a plastic choke, it can easily be deformed if its too tight... :thumbsup:

yeah i tried, its just lil past finger tight. it wasnt working right before i took it apart and still is not. but it worked fine when it wasnt installed in the bike and nothing changed. damn gavity. ill keep trying, just not sure what all could wear.

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