fcr39 question, jetting whats what?????

Now under the intake boot there are two jets, on the left it says 15 on the right is says 200, intake jets correct? In the bowl there are 3, one is 65, main is 165

. other is 40. Im confused as to witch about 65 and 40???

center under intake bell is main air jet,200 is correct.

left under intake bell is pilot air jet.sure it says 15 and not 75?i dont think 15 exists....

165 is main jet.

65 is the starter/choke jet.

40 is pilot jet.

what needle do you have?where did the carb come from?

The needle has 6 or 7 klip rings ? The carb came from a guy in isreal. It has the hot start button bellow the choke[red button] and a tps on it to.

I live at 5000 feet and do most of my riding from 4500 to 11000 feet. What is your recamendation for my jetting, I normaly go 2 sizes smaller than see level jetting, and my motors last forever and get great mileage. The pipe is stock with a lot of modifacations to the inside of the muffler [opened up bigtime with the center of the cap presed out, and airbox opened up.

I used the carburetor diagram here and it worked like a charm. Good luck!


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