Kouba Order Receipt of my vacation...uh, I mean Kouba T-Handle money

Matt P.

Anchorage, AK

$13 via Pay Pal

(long) winter project, Matt?

Kevin Lysdahl

2 for friends

This is out of my own pocket!!!!

Mike P.

Stockton, CA


Steve DiS (Angry Candy!!)

$13.00 in the mail!

[ December 12, 2001: Message edited by: NH Kevin ]

Richard De N

Rochester, NY $15.00

Robert P.

Knaresborough, North Yorkshire



Derek M.

Eugene, OR



Sean M. & Mike J.

Gilbert, AZ


Coming through??

Mark Nelson

Michael H.

[ December 12, 2001: Message edited by: NH Kevin ]

Matt N.

Coalinga, CA

Pay Pal $13.00

Squeeking in under the wire!!

Guy F.

Misouri City, TX


Last minute K-Mart Shoppers!! :):D

Tim Erw. PP in for ONE more

E. Wenatchee, WA


Michael Hed.



Thomas Sch

Berkely, CA


Michael Robi. (mook)

Apex, NC

$13.00 PP

Charles Fal.

Cary, NC


Jason Stev.

Kansas City, MO


David Bow.

Roaring Spring, PA

$13.00 PP

Benjamin Arm.

Phoenix, AZ


Richard Bu.

North Apallo, PA

$13.00 PP

Jay Sel.

Trabuco Canyon, CA






Pudakah, KY



Englewood, CO




Scott Whee.


Brian Bar.

Medway, MA


Fred Raaf

Fairport, NY


Corey Lov.

Benton, KY


Mike Espos.

Dallas, TX


SLR (Handfull5)


Yamakaze (you already on my list 'Kaz?)


Jon DeW.

Boulder, CO


LTC John Ca.



David (Yamaha.dude)

Land of OZ


Michael Jarm.


Mike Powe.


Guy Fug.


I WILL begoing through all this stuff, ALL OVER AGAIN to be sure no one was left out!

[ December 13, 2001: Message edited by: NH Kevin ]

You Guys are killing me! :)

Mat (member # 2307)

anytown, NV


Skid Jackson

Manchester, NH


Funktree (member # 2942)

Chico, CA


Three Cheers for Kevin, our Kouba Konnection - it would be impossible for me to get one sent down under without paying a premium for it...

Hip Hip ...

Hip Hip ...

Hip Hip ...


PS. have fun licking all those stamps... LOL

That is my Dog, "Fargo's", job!

Brett S.

Colchester, CT



Derek M.

Eugene, OR


A few extra bucks Derek...? You WILL be getting a rebate my friend!! :)

Martin K.

Vilas, NC


keeping up w/ all this Kouba stuff has been...an experience.

Received today:

Guy from U.K. $15.00 U.S. cash

(where is the local U.S. money store there Guy??)

Thomas Sch.

Berkeley, CA $13.00

Brian Bar.

Medway, MA $13.00

Steven Hol.

Englewood, CO $15.00

Mike Esp.

Dallas, TX $13.00

Mike Jar.

Gilbert, AZ $26.00

Jim Ken.

Spokane, WA $13.00

From pay pal (what a GREAT THING!!!!)

Ursala S.

Birmingham, AL $21.00

James Dean - The "Carb King"


Bill McCu.


Steven Dziu.

Colorado Sprins, CO $13.00

Benjamin Smi.

VA Beach, VA $13.00

I am out of time, AGAIN (I am at work, about to go home).

If you don't see your name, but HAVE E-mailed me and received a response, don't worry, you are covered!!

There are repeats here, I know!!

I will post when they go out, how many, AND to who!

I Robbed a Bank :)

:) Ask me NO questions......I tell you NO lies!



Was that an American Bank?? :)

Jeff Be.

Las Vegas, NV


Jon De W.

Boulder, Co


Richard Miy.

Perrysburg, OH


LTC John W.



Benjamin L.

Phoenix, AZ


Ok, guys, I have not been on the board in a while, what the heak is a Kouba handle??????? for some reason I want one, I dont know what it is but I think I want one. So what is it? Is it a T handle of getting at your air screw?

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