Wheel Bearings

Well, I was changing out the front wheel bearings in my yz125 tonight, and when I smacked one, only the inner race and the ball bearings came out. leaving the outter race in my hub.

How can I get it out? I've tried heating the hub and smacking it, cutting a notch in it with my Dremel and smacking it...To no avail...

I need help, anyone have any tips before I try just plain cutting it out with my Dremel?

EDIT: Oh, and the search is down, which is why I posted this...

You'll have to keep the inner ring cool some how. So if you spray some brake cleaner(maybe something nonflammable would be better) on the inner bearing to cool it. I think both are expanding when heated.

But do you have the bearing from the other side out? There is a pin that goes between the two bearings and if that is out you maybe able to get to the other bearing ring easier.

What ever you do not buy the stock replacement bearing. I believe it's 6904-2RS.. The (2RS) stands for 2 rubber seals, buy them from a local bearing house or on-line. They will last 10 X's longer than the stockers and will only cost 1.00 each versus.

Good luck

I did get the bearing from the other side out, and the pin is out from the middle too.

I heated up the hub with my heat gun, and took some ice and tried to cool down the outer race of the bearing.

I also sprayed it with wd-40 first, then I tried PB blaster too...Neither worked...

It doesn't help that there is a lip in my hub preventing me from getting a straight shot at the outer race.....

Would a real bearing puller help me? Or should I call up the dealer tomorrow and ask if they could help me?

Thanks for your help, it is greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:

I finally got it out.

A punch, demmel, a hammer and 10min of beating it got it out.

I finally got it out.

A punch, demmel, a hammer and 10min of beating it got it out.

yeah lol sometimes it just takes a little muscle and time for things

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