How much oil to put in my 1985 yz80 fork HELP!!!!

im getting a new seal put in my fork and i need to know how much oil to put in there, either that or i need a manual to download...and tranny oil is ok to put in forks right?

I dont know about using tranny oil, never heard of that before, They make suspension fluid $8-10 for 1000cc, around a quart. I wouldnt know about how much to put in your bike seeing as mine is way different, just tryed to warn you about the oil :thumbsup:

Well i have tranny oil in there now and it held up fine but my friend said not too

I think the only problem with tranny oil is that its thick, and suspension oil is real thin, lubes better in what it does, also it works better and doesnt make such a mess.

Ok ill get some of that...Anyone kknow how much should be in there or where i can get a manual online to look it up.

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