2003 and 2004 yzf clutches-are they the same PROBLEMS help!

I have an 03 yamaha 450 and whenever I ride it while its hot the clutch is really wierd and unlike anything Ive ever felt. It engages really bad. Its either engaged or not engaged and whenever it does it makes a wierd urrrrrt sound. Im kind of wondering if the clutch is even getting oil. Doesnt smell wierd since it probably would if it didnt get oil. I took it apart awhile ago and everything looked good to me and my brother so I put it back together and did a short test ride and it was fine. I rode it a long ride again and it started doing it again.

So I guess I am going to buy new plates for it and see what it does. And new springs. I want all of the plates. The friction plate ones and the steel ones. That is my only option I guess.

What I need to know then does the 2003 and 2004 yzf's have the same clutch. The guy that owned it sayed the guy that owned it before him (his friend who is in Iraq I can't talk to) put an 04 clutch in it but Im not sure. Do I need to find out? Take it to a shop?

By the way im asking you guys cause yamaha rider forum is no help. :thumbsup:

If I buy a new clutch hinson or gytr?

You ask if 03 and 04 YZF's have tha same clutch in the Honda forum? Am I missing something?

I don't know about Yamahas but when it comes to brake pads and clutch plates for a Honda I always go with stock.

According to EBC, the clutch kit is the same for 03-06 YZ-450F's...I would suspect that your clutch springs are sacked out and are slipping, causing the whirring sound once the bike gets hot...I would stick with OE clutch plates and find high-quality clutch springs like Dark Synergy, WMR or something like that....If your clutch was dry, your gearbox would aslo be dry, so I doubt that's your problem. If you remove the right side engine cover, inspect the clutch basket for grooves from the clutch plates, if you have grooves, then you basket should be replaced...Several good choices out there...Hinson, Barnett or Wiseco are all good baskets.

wow we must really be that much cooler in the CRF forum if the yami guys are asking thier questions over here now... :thumbsup::lame:

Check the Hub. The steel insert in the clutch hub that carries the splines shook loose of the aluminum casting on my 00 YZ426. It allowed the entire clutch assmebly to wobble around...enough to actually just touch the cover in a couple spots. The lever always felt a little wierd, but the clutch didnt slip, but when engaging it was all over the map, chattery and clunky-grabby. It was also producing a bunch of debris in the filter as the insert shook around and chiseled its way out of the hub. It never broke...but I think that was just dumb luck...

By the way im asking you guys cause yamaha rider forum is no help. :thumbsup:

If I buy a new clutch hinson or gytr?

You mean grayracer513 couldn't help ya with this

You mean grayracer513 couldn't help ya with this

Agreed. Gray knows all when it comes to Yamis.

I sure am glad that he's the mod, that last guy was a ****.

i would bet it,s the springs like mentioned earlier order them from the tt store. i had a 04 yzf 450 and the new clutch springs where a inch longer than the one i took out also if you order the gytr stuff it's made by hindson. stock springs and clutch plates would be fine but if you plan on replacing the basket and inner hub i would order the gytr through the tt store at 30% off

Thanks for all the help you come through every time!

Cant find anything gytr on the TT site. Guess I gotta be an oem part member.......

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