Your Favorite Degreaser

I was wondering what are some member's favorite degreasers you use for cleaning your bike? I have yet to find a degreaser that can get my bike the way I want it...

Brake Cleaner.

simple green is pretty good..i like it because i know its safe on everything thats on the bike...simple green, than pressure was off after every ride and ur bike will look pretty good for a long time

simple green is really good...but if your looking for something to get all the thick dirt off that wont come off with simple green...get grease lightning...its a purple bottle..a couple sprays of that let sit for like 3 seconds and hose off...nothing stay on that you dont want

I use simple green concentrate mixed 50/50 w/water. Spray on & let sit for about 10 min. Also spray on tires, makes them look like brand new. As stated above it is safe on all surfaces. Be carefull w/grease lightning it can strip anodizing. (Ususally just poor quality anodizing.)

PJ1, works great for me.

Simple Green, what it lacks in really heavy degreasing, it makes up for in versatility and safety.

Try using Grease Lightning in your laundry, or on your dishes. See what happens when it rinses into your lawn...................

Purple Power.

Purple Power.

Same here. It's cheap and work great. I usually buy it by the gallon at Wal-Mart.

I use different variations of Engine Gunk. Works fine for me.

PJ1, works great for me.

Second. I sometimes use X-Lite Muck-off which is also quite effective (only available in the UK)

Simple green works real good but then again so does the "dirtblaster" tip on the pressure washer... :thumbsup:

Simple green, but on the area's around the chain brake cleaner

Castrol Super Clean

I use Belray Brake and Contact Cleaner for about everything...No residue..Instant clean. Hasnt ever screwed up my plastics, graphics, metal, or anything. Awesome shit.

I use it up like water haha...

using brake cleaner around rubber is a very bad idea

i dont recommend using brake cleaner to clean a bike, its called BRAKE cleaner for a reason.

i use simple green without diluting it

Gunk or diluted Super Clean.

If you want something that REALLY works, try carburetor cleaner. I don't recommend it casually, as it is very nasty stuff, even worse than lacquer thinner or acetone. I've used it to blast off paint and clean greasy parts before painting. Just use eye protection and rubber gloves.

Don't use it on a bike, either, just on isolated metal parts that need a thorough degreasing. It's best application is on oily or cosmolined metal, or perhaps a freshly blotched paint job on metal. I like to use it small on shop built steel projects like hitches, roll cages and bike stands before painting, as most metal shapes, sheet and plate have an oil coating that can be hard to remove.

By far the best degreasser for your bike is Spectro XL-1. Spray that stuff on and let it sit and get a towel wet and scrub a little and your bike will look brand new. I used it on my motocross boots which looked nasty and they look brand spankin new. After I tried it, I went out and bought more for my street and race bike. Try this stuff, it is great!


Whatever they sprayed on Shakira to clean her up form the "La Tortuga" video.


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