Wiring / Elcetrical Problem

when i was working on my bike i accidentially broke the throttle position sensor wire on my 05 crf 250. It split right on top of the igintion control module. not enough wire to splice the wires back together. Do i have to buy a new wiring harness or is their any way to fix it? Thanks :thumbsup:

Could you possibly solder it back together and put some heat-shrink tubing over it?

Hard to guess without seeing a picture.

sotter = solder by the way

I am not too sure where you have broken this wire.If its on the Carby bit then this is the Honda part number for a replacement Throttle Sensor. 16060-KRN-671

Its $51.44 plus shipping from the Thumper Talk OEM Store.

Only other option is to search for a Keihin FCR parts dealer.

sotter = solder by the way

What are you talking about? :thumbsup:

Quick editing! :thumbsup:

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