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New 06 650 R mod Questions

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Just picked up my new 650 R last night and started to break it in. Dont have much money to spend But would like to do a little to help it out power wise.

Also I have read here on TT that they are lean when new and could cause it to run hot? So should I rejet now to be on the save side? If so does any one know what the stock size jets are?

I tried a search but could not find what I was looking for. Probly looking in the wrong place. :thumbsup:

Also what is the best air cleaner for this bike and I read that you can cut away part of the exaust tip to help it breath ? Anyone have any details on this to help me out?


Oh. I'm short. where can I find that lowering link and is it any good?

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You need to uncork the bike to make it run right. Be careful it will be a whole new animal when its uncorked. Can you say 4th gear power wheelies! It will run so much cooler and be easier to start.

check these sites they are the tomes of knowledge on the 650R.




Here is the link to the lowering link


Have fun with the new piggy.


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