Parts for 41mm carb.

I was just wanting to know is the parts list the same for the 41mm FCRMX as the 39....Needle,bell housing etc...If not does anyone have part numbers..I maybe selling the 39 and need to know what to keep..Thanks


uses the same conversion parts.the jetting is way different though.

Ok thanks ed....Could you give ma a ball park on jetting...450 kit with cams..

here is mine..

450 w/ 1mm oversized valves, porting, full TI system, and 3x3. should get you close.

38 pilot

170 main

EMN needle

clip 3

1.5 turn fuel

good luck..


this is calculated from one i just did yesterday here.

178 main jet

200 main air jet

emp needle

clip 3

40 pilot jet

100 pilot air jet

2 turns fuel screw

put two 2.25" holes in your air box door.

maybe not.. :thumbsup:

Ok great thanks guys..DRS im going with the exact set up..Just waiting for everything to get here..Ill be selling the 39 soon ,so i keep everything but the needle..And get a emp..Thanks again guys.

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