Correct Drive chain size for ttr125

My son's 2002 TTR125L recently broke the chain. Went to the yamaha place and purchased a new one. When we tried to install it it was too tight, that we could not install the final link and keeper while the chain was on the sprockets. Is this normal? (the rear wheel was loosened and moved all the way in) Looking at the old chain you can tell it's longer than this one. We managed to get it on but it's not right. We bought the TTR used and the sprockets have been changed, but the new sprockets have the same number of teeth as the OEM. We can't figure out why this one is too small. I believe the yamaha parts dept said i needed the 116 link chain. Looking on the net i see it two different chains 428HD 116ll and the 428HD 122ll. Can someone tell me which one i need. Tried using search but it said it was down right now due to high volume.

The L requires the 122 link chain.

Thanks, i believe i'll have a talk with the yamaha place tomorrow.

Thanks, i believe i'll have a talk with the yamaha place tomorrow.

I'll bet they gave you the chain for the small wheel TTR, it takes less links, as the wheel is smaller, and the swingarm is shorter.

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