Fuel Mixture screw question...

So.... it happened to me. I busted the tip off of the Zip Ty fuel screw. Whoops! :p

Oh well.... i bought another one.

But, I have a bigger problem. I can't find the washer and o-ring.... I have checked high and low and I'm pretty sure it's gone :lame: **POOF**

I've ordered a new pilot screw set for my FCR carb because I NEED THOSE 2 PARTS! Bah!! :thumbsup: Oh well.....

My question is.... can i use the washer and O-ring from the stock mikuni fuel screw? I did a test fit on the new fuel screw.... seems to fit just fine. Just wondering if it'll work for the time being whilest I enjoy the last week of good weather.

Thanks in advance.

I'd try it :thumbsup:

aight, cool.

i'll let y'all know how it goes.

When I was waiting to get a new washer/oring when I lost mine I just used some grease on the threads and it seemed to work fine to stop the air leak.

i just got finished RE-installing the fcr... I've gotten good @ it :lame:

Looks like the stock washer and o-ring does work. Hopefully this will help future people in my situation.


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