DR 350 and DRZ 400 forks the same?

Are the DRZ and DR forks the same diameter?

I dont think so!

without specifics, I can assure you... no... The DRZ (05 anyway) has much thicker fork tubes

DR350 fork tubes are 40mm, DRZ are 45mm.

DR350 fork tubes are 40mm, DRZ are 45mm.

Wow sounds like you got cheated....mine are 49mm

Yeah I thought the DRZ's were 49 too. I'm doing a 47mm RM for conversion though.

Aside from the obvious physical size differences, I think the 350 had old style damper rod internals and the 400 uses a much more modern (and effective) cartridge assembly.

The DRZ forks have more adjustment.

It was dark and I could'nt find the vernier calipers so I was using a tape measure, so sue me. :thumbsup:

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