question to the LA guys here

I'm visiting LA from Denmark for a little vacation

Hope some of you could give me a hint, on what's worth to see for a motocross fan from Denmark, I'm only staying here until sunday so don't have plenty of time :thumbsup:

give me a little advise on what you think is nice as a motocross racer from Europe to see. SO-CAL is kind of the world center of MX :lame:

go down to Hermosa and Manhattan beach about 5 miles south of LA airport and see all the hot California beach girls.

You'll be dissapointed with your current idea of LA's tracks....go to carlsbad, or have a friend hook you up at the track at Edwards AFB...supercross talent....countryboy knowledge. Or, search online for a MX'er named MXJONNY312, he's got a killer track in the TehaChapi Mtn's....But you better be worthy....

Jonny...luv ya bro.... :thumbsup: Maybe now you'll get that notoriety you've been hiding from........... :lame::p:bonk:

Catch a Baseball game. Go to Magic Mountain and ride the coasters. Rent a Harley :thumbsup::lame::p Find a gokart track that rents karts, A really cool indoor place in Bakersfield (too far for you to drive but maybe LA has somthing similier)

There is an indoor track in LA as well.

Ton's of things to do down there. As stated, rent a harley and take it up Mullholland, stop at the rockstore, go up to Neptune's and take the 1 back to LA. Awesome. There is Newcombs up in the Angles Mountains as well. Sportbikers.

Edwards is hard to get on cause it is military. BUT, there is always LACR and the Sat. night races about 80 miles from you. Don't want to watch the dirtbikes, turn around and watch the grudge match drag races. LACR track has lights.

Have fun with it.

Troy Lee and also Pro Circuit in Corona have cool things to see.Glen Helen Raceway is about 30 minutes from there.Kawasaki test track during the week.Pole position indoor kart track in Corona is a good one also.

Now how about getting me some parts for my Mercedes from your home town? :thumbsup:

huntington beach, santa monica, venice, hollywood are all kinda touristy stuff to see.

If you are interested, there are two motocross tracks to see. One is Lake Elsinore and the other is Competitive Edge. On the weekends there are some very good riders there. You might want to go to Pole Position if you go to Corona, and try their indoor cart racing. If you were staying another week, you could have seen the McGrath Invitational. Whatever you do, have a great time.

It's the motocross things I'm looking for, I like to see the differens from europe to here. Compeditive edge sound like a good place to go just for a training day, to see if anyone show up. :thumbsup:

It's the motocross things I'm looking for, I like to see the differens from europe to here. Compeditive edge sound like a good place to go just for a training day, to see if anyone show up. :thumbsup:

If thats the case,then you will want to be at Glen Helen tomorrow.Thursday always has some fast pro's riding.

Yep. Glen Helen on a thursday... definately where the fast riders go.

Do you want to see the motocross track most like what you have at home, or the most different?

Magic Mountain or even Disneyland is a good 1-2 day spend. Malibu beach for lunch and watch surfing. The Rock Store was an excellent recommendation (nothing to do with motocross). Motocross tracks are like bowling alleys. The makeup and the wetness of the surface might be different, but if you're making a trip to So. Cal and making the primary purpose to look at MX tracks, you're making a big mistake.

I grew up there, and every few years when I go back to visit, my folks see me for 1-2 hours a day maybe. Most of the time I'm outside somewhere taking in some great stuff.

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