what is the best camera

im lookin to buy a camera for riding trails but i dont want rubbish any advice welcome

My digital is a Nikon, Been thru bumps and grinds in my camel bak..

And rides in the fender bag also...Going on 2 years worth...no problems yet..


I use a Canon 20D. http://www.quickinet.net

It may be a bit much for your needs though.

im lookin to buy a camera for riding trails but i dont want rubbish any advice welcome

It just depends on what you intend to do with it. If you want to take it on trails you might consider something you're not afraid of breaking. I bought a Canon digital A520 around Christmas for 199. Another thing to think about is memory. Do you want to shoot pics, clips or both. You'll need some memory to capture clips. One last thing whoever you go with. Get a good extended warranty. Digital cameras have little parts inside that don't like to work if they get dirty. Believe it or not but when I researched it I found that Wal-mart had a great service plan for cheap. It even covers cleaning!

Get at least a 1gb (1000mb) memory card.

My camera i mentioned above has a great movie mode at good resolution but it eats up a lot of space on the card. I in turn take these high res .avi files and when i put my photos to a DVD, i make a video section as well.

I do DVD authoring for a living so it is basic for me, but get a decent card as well.

Most cameras are pretty durable these days, just don't face plant onto it.

I keep mine in my pants pocket on my thigh. The camera is in a sock.

I can take photos and video easier than having to go into my backpack everytime.

Whatever works for ya though.

Remember that 3MP is good enough to get 4X6 photos. Anything over 3MP is just extra. I use a 6MP camera and can blow it up to 8x10's or so.

Optics and the functions of the camera are best to look for in a camera.

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