150 expert/big wheel higher demand than normal 150r?

Man, It seems like dealers got the normal ones in first and they really haven't sold all that well. Every expert version that comes in flies out the door.

Is the demand that much higher for the expert??

If a dealer has several bikes in stock and all the big wheels sell first leaving the standard versions behind, may indicate that the big wheels are in greater demand.

I got a big wheel because I wasn't sure what classes would be there for it. I'm under the impression the first year will be a seperate 105 super mini class . They ( AMA ) are not allowing 7 year olds on the bike for races and will have to restructure the classes. Call your districts ama coucil members and thay can tell you whats up. I'd say the big wheels are going for super mini's

I bet the big wheel is outselling the smaller wheeled version because alot of the early sales are to adults that want a wicked minibike (and the adults are buying the big wheel). The fact that the rules/classes are not clear for racing (in the 85cc class, etc.) may be slowing initial sales into the youth racing market.

In any case, suppose that half the kids got the regular R and the other half got the RB (Expert), then the adults got the Expert - the overall demand for the Experts will be higher...

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