First overnighter/Pics ~

very cool...looks like fun.

Very cool! Looks like i'll have to try that too!

And some people just can't understand why we want street legal dirt bikes. :thumbsup:

Excellent pics! I just bought my DRZ and spent 4 days in Donner CA near Lake Tahoe. Forgot the camera, saw beautiful wilderness, subjected my wife to a horrendous ohv trail (including going under a tree with her way around).

Don't tell anyone how much fun this is!

Cool pics. I've thought about doing an overnighter. Any problems to watch for?

I'll disagree with your opinion about the weather being great. We need rain. This dry crap is for californians.

looks like a great place to pitch a tent! That's why I bought my drz

Great stuff!

Looks a lot like my part of the world. Made me want to call up my buddies and go ride.

It was a great trip, with so many places to ride I had to really keep an eye on the mileage as running out of gas would not have been cool. :thumbsup:

Can I ask how much was that $ out of site TENT

and how small does it fold up too

Great PICS

Its a sweet tent made by Alps mountaineering. It rolls up pretty tight even without a compresion sack at 6x16 and its around 4 lbs. I snagged it last year for $65 bucks online at

It has a full coverage rain-fly and has not leaked one dropped even in heavy rain. There are lots of nice one-man tents out there but I found them to be a little cramped compared to this one. Although I would like a free standing, side entry tent at some point but those are hard to find without paying major $$$

S ~

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