Spark plug question *HELP

I just ran to the local shop after work to get a new spark plug for my '01 wr426. I should've checked the box as the kid working the counter could not have been old enough to drive. So I wanted the NGK CR8E plug, but instead I got the NGK CR8EK (it has dual electrodes, not like a "v" but rather 180 degrees from each other)

Anyone use this out there??

Yeah, I've used them. They are about $3.00 more than a CR8E and I couldn't tell any difference in the two.

Well the bike fired right up, figured what the heck-it's just more spark. I have a dual sport ride coming up and although changing a plug in the field isn't hard, it's still a pain in the a$$. 4 bolts to remove gas tank, then wiggling a socket under the frame. I'll keep you posted if anything does arise....

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