Pitster X2r needs bigger pipe! Any options?

running the 140 kit on my X2r and the big carb. Seems like the bike needs a bigger pipe. Are there any options out there?

Classic Honda Ultima pipe for a crf50. You will have to make a new mount for the silencer. Or if you have a little more cash go with the TiForce pipe. That one will bolt right on.

UMMMM! Ti-Force. Yummy!

The Ti-force will work awesome and you will not find a better made pipe period.

Ti-Force rocks both performance and quality.

BUT, is anyone else needing to fillet the # panel to keep it from burning the plate? I noticed that on PM in Staggs design contest thread, that the right number plate has a slot right about where I'm talking about.

Still, even with some charred plastic, I'm keeping it!!!

I'm running a Yoshi exhaust with my 140 kit. Works great, excellent quality, and a mean rumble. Plus I have a noise reducing baffle that I can install when I want to be a little more stealth :thumbsup:

I did have to build a mounting bar, but this is pretty common with any CRF50 exhaust on a pitster.

I'm sure that others mentioned a great too.

I have an Ultima on mine and installation was simple, just get a cheap loop bracket from your local hardware store. Performance is awesome.

My Ti-force did NOT burn any sort of hole in my numberplate.

Honda Ultima Classic

Great pipe, great sound

Picked up .3hp just by putting this pipe on my 131hc gpx. No joke.

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