Burned is the KING!!!

Hows this for a story...

I live probably 12000 miles from Colorado.

I am literally building a new 2000 model Honda XR628.(estart+FCR+CRF front end+ Thumpertalk DRZ Promotobillet kickstand + shit load of other stuff)

Now I was attempting to fit a brand new Keihin FCR MX variety carb - not the slant body old style FCR but the brand new style straight body MX FCR.

No one has fitted a FCRMX to the XR - sudco tell you it cant be done and no one else had done it - Sudco said it just wont fit.

Burned was the only one to say give it shot!! I did all the measurements and guesstimated it "might" fit

I bought a new FCRMX 41mm full house version.

Burned gave me estimated jetting specs by pm.

Guess what?

Battery flat on my estart.

But go out, prime the bike, choke and one kick and BANG bike lights up and sits their and idles like Burned did it himself!!!! I cant beelive it and my mech was dumbfounded - the jetting is perfect!!!! This is an FCR MX to a XR600 - never done before and Burned has gone and nailed the jetting in one hit!!!

The fuel screw works perfect and which suggests the pilot jet is spot on - 42. How good is that?

So I just wanted everyone else to know that Burned is the man when it comes to jetting and FCRs.

That's interesting. How did you get the bell-housing adapter? Sudco would only sell me the xr600r adapter with their older slant-style FCR carb. This carb comes with a pilot jet of 50 installed. Absolutely too rich, would not pass emissions with the screw all the way in. Even with the screw all the way in, and the 48, it just barely made it. I've ordered a 42 jet...hope that gives me decent mixture control.

What main jet worked best for you?

same adapter fits the fcr-mx.

Thanks. That must be a Sudco trade secret in order to use up all the non-MX units.

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