New Here, Some Questions


Just signed up, have been looking at this forum for a couple days know, and thought I better sign up.

I have a 04 DRZ 400.

Looking for some dirt tires but still D.O.T something like a 90/10. Any cheap place online to buy. Or Something in lowermainland/Vancouver B.C, Canada area.

Also I have myself a New Tail light (L.E.D) just wondarying if I need to change anything with the wiring, A.K.A resisters ? also going to be doing the same with the signals.

Thanks alot.


Welcome abord! Your in the right place.

I don't know where you can get one up in Canada. Sorry I can't help.

Have you checked with the TT Store for tires? They can probably get you anything you want. I have Pirelli MT21s and really like them. They are DOT. Also, a lot of guys here like the Michelin AC10s.

As far as your LED taillight, no the stock wiring should be fine with no resistors. You will need to add resistors with the signals, however, in order to maintain the same flash rate as stock. Your other alternative is to add an electronic flasher, but this doesn't always work.

Nothing beats the Kenda K760 rear tire on both price and traction in a DOT knobby. Just pick one up at you're local bike shop...


An AC10 or an MT21 would be a good front tire choice.


I run the Dunlop 606, but now that I have my SM setup, I think my next set will be the Kenda K760/MT-21 setup.

Hey, Thanks for all the info.

I'm looking at the Kendra K760 for the rear and Pirelli MT 21 for front as suggested.

Using the link that "cmg1558" gave me.

I know the rear size I need is 120/100-18

And my stock front tire is a 80/100-21m/c, but the MT 21 only comes in a 80/90-21 or 90/90-21 will this still work?

Also whats the difference between the K760 front tire , compared to the MT 21, only thing I can see is that the MT 21 would handle better on road.

I'm looking for some good off road tires for the fall season, not going to be doing much road riding at all, but still want them to be D.O.T

I have not had one myself, but I've heard from folks at this site that the Kenda 760 front tire washes out to much. I ended up going with a MT21 in the back and MT18 in front. I like the MT18 and the MT21 is alright, but I think I will try a kenda 760 back Tire next time as it really does seem meatier in person.

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