Graphics for DRZ

I just thought I'd share some of my notes from researching parts (in this case graphics) for the DRZ.

I'm a list/note maker I can't remember what day it is without a list/note, in fact I loose most of my notes and have to do it twice.... $75.00 for shroud only no custom Full Graphics $74.95 no custom Full $129.95 shroud $80 waiting for reply about Custom

Custom Tank & Shroud Graphic Kits start @ $174.95

Custom Full Bike Kits (T/S + accessory kit) start @ $274.95 $$?? Waiting for responce on custom $75.00 for shroud only Full Graphics $74.95 no custom (Good deal on sale) no DRZ now maybe in the future

Feel free to add info if you have any.....

Thanks for the research I'd like to change from my O so boring 05 graphics

No problem.

Just thought I'd share and hoped to have others contribute too.

I'm considering the flames from gxgracing, they have some really nice designs

DRZ custom graphics


Full DRZ but no Custom


DRZ shroud only


Just number plates


You can always put RM/RMZ fender decals & swingarm graphics to DRZ as well.

And in case you have the DRZ SM, it has the same fork guards than RM125, RM250 and RMZ450.

I bought those last week. Going to spend this Saturday putting them on. Will post pics once it looks shmick. They great looking graphics.

wait till you see the facelift my bike is getting! not that what it has now is all that bad. will look very, very trick. rm fenders, black clark tank with black shrouds, graphics, white side panels, etc. very unique. post some before and after pics soon.

Graphic MX looks like they have a few for blue DRZ's.

check out they have templates for the drz, and they can do custom graphics, or they can use one of their standard kits. they have pre-printed backgrounds, and you can get whatever logos you need. very quick turnaround also. :devil:

To late for me now Butt good for the post and others.


Heres a few looks im trying..I will have all the decals match the tank and scroud(its a complete kit)



I ordered a set to. If I new how to use this damn computer I'd show you which ones [EVO3's] :thumbsdn::devil:

Who makes em?

We can look.

So I hit a snag with the install of my FLU set. Decals went on perfectly. Thanks to everyone who gave advice. I did a top job. Once I got to the seat cover I had all sorts of probs.

Being short, when I first got my bike I cut 1.5inch of foam out of the seat. The stock seat cover went on perfectly - couldnt even tell it had been off and back on.

When I tried to fit the FLU seat cover it wouldnt work. I made the assumption that because the stock cover still fitted after the foam was gone that the FLU one would be the same. How wrong I was. I doesnt have as much stretch as the stock cover and I just couldnt make it look good. I could have got it on by overlapping it in the middle - but that looks crap and amature. Im of to the upholstery man today to see what he can do. My fingers are crossed.

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